No substitutions on combo dinners.

Choice of filling: seasoned ground beef or shredded chicken

I. One taco, two enchiladas and rice.
2. One taco, one enchilada and one chalupa.
3. One enchilada, once taco and one chile relleno.
4. Two tacos. one enchilada and chile con queso.
S. Two beef enchiladas, rice and refried beans.
6. One beef enchilada, one taco. rice and refried beans.
7. One enchilada, one chile relleno, rice and refried beans.
8. One enchilada, one tamale, rice and refried beans.
9. One beef enchilada, one chalupa and rice.
10. Two beef tacos, rice and refried beans.
11.  One beef burrito, one taco and one enchilada.
12. One chalupa, one chile relleno and beans.
13. One enchilada, one beef burrito and chile relleno.
14. One taco, one chile relleno and chalupa.
IS. One beef burrito, one enchilada and one tamale.
16. One chalupa, one chile relleno and one beef burrito.
17. One burrito, one enchilada, rice and refried beans.
18. One chalupa, one chile relleno and one enchilada.
19. One chalupa, one beef burrito and one enchilada.
20. One chile relleno, one taco, rice and refried beans.
21. One taco, one burrito and one chalupa.
22. One burrito, one chile relleno and one taco.
23. One taco, one beef burrito, rice and refried beans.
24. One chile relleno, one beef burrito and rice.
25. One chalupa, one taco, and one tostada.